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  The Floppy drive and the CD drive are what's known as SWAPPABLE. This means you have to take 1 drive out to use the other (note these drives are not Hot swap the systems must be off before swapping the drives out). Each notebook has a different way of removing the drive in the system to allow the swap.  Please consult your user manual for dive removal. If you do not have a manual please click here.

         IF you purchased an IBM A, G, R, T, or X  series laptop please click the link below for IBM's Movie matrix, which will show you how to do the drive swap.

IBM instructional Movies

For all other Notebooks 

(Please note these drives are not hot swaps the system must be off before you swap the drives)

Swapping Devices with System Off

  • Turning off the Computer

  • Once the system is off, you may now begin swapping the desired device.

Swapping Devices

  • To begin, follow the steps below:

  • Undock your system from your docking device. (if applicable)

  • Close the display and turn the computer over.

  • Slide and hold the latch release, and pull the device out of the bay. (The latch should be very close to the CD drive itself)

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