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All versions of the Windows operating system must have the Windows updates preformed regularly. There is 3 ways to do the Windows Updates all will take you to the same Website which ever you choose just make sure you do the updates regularly, as new updates come out at least once a month. You must be connected to the Internet to do the Windows updates.

The first way to do the Windows Updates is easiest.


  1. Click the Start button

  Win98se, Win2000 Windows XP  
  1. Then Click the Windows Updates Icon.

  • This will take you to the Windows update page for your specific version of Windows.  Click on "Scan for Updates" in the webpage

  • Webpage will change progressively from 0% to 100%  this can take some time to do as the website is completely checking your computer for all known updates and fixes. Once it has completed Click on "Review and install updates"   (Note: Clicking on "Review and Install Updates" will install only the "Critical Updates and Service Packs")

  1. Click on "Install now" button

  • You may have to restart your computer after the installation is completed. Without restarting your computer most updates will not work.

  • After restarting computer go thru these steps again and make sure there are NO "Critical Updates and Service Packs" once all Critical Updates and Service Packs have been complete the website will say. You have successfully updated your windows operating system! However you may have other optional updates available to you under Driver updates or Custom just click on that area of the windows update page and it will allow you to install those additional features.


The second way to do the Windows Update is.

  1. Open Internet explorer.

  2. Click Tools

  3. Then click Windows Update and follow the steps above


The third and final way to do the Windows Update is.

  1. Click Start

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click Control Panel

  4. Click the Windows Update Icon and follow the steps above

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